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Duck Life is a game made by Wix and is about training your duck for the duck races
so you can get enough money rebuild your farm


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Duck Life! 2: The Great Flood or just simply Duck Life 2, is the 2nd movie in the Duck Life trilogy.

Alfred wakes up to find himself in Downtown Duckville again. It has been 3 years since he defeated Witch Ducktor and he's still proud. However, a new threat has sprung to life and just when Alfred gets out of bed, he realizes he's stepping in water. Alfred quickly rushes down 26 flights of stairs and leaves his apartment building.

The town is flooded, and rescue ducks have set emergency waterslides to get down safely. The unidentified duck, named "The Fire Duck", has spread chaos in the city, and is working with the former soul of Witch Ducktor, to fill the Great Bucket and make it tip. Alfred spots Hailey, Morgan and Wyatt hanging out of their window. Alfred tells them to jump and they get down.

Alfred and the other three have to work together to stop the chaos, but will they make it in time? Or will Duckville face a flood of a lifetime? Will one leap of faith stop it all? We'll have to find out!

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